Welcome to DragonFlyBSD

This CD is a DragonFly BSD 'Live CD'. Place this in your computer's CD drive before booting, and your computer can boot DragonFly BSD from the CD. (If it does not, check that your system BIOS boots from CD before it boots from hard drive.)

Log in as 'installer' after the CD boots to install DragonFly to your hard drive. The Live CD can also be used as a rescue CD in case of drive failure, or just as a way to run a BSD environment without having to modify a hard drive.

How to get started

Install it by following the instructions in Installing DragonFlyBSD

Get familiar with the DragonFly system by reading the Handbook or the FAQ

Subscribe to the Mailing Lists you find relevant. These are available on a NNTP server or via regular SMTP mailing lists. You can also look at the web-based archive

If you want to communicate live with other DragonFly BSD users and developers, you can reach many of us on IRC channel #dragonflybsd on EFNet.