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hx509 crypto functions


int hx509_verify_signature (hx509_context context, const hx509_cert signer, const AlgorithmIdentifier *alg, const heim_octet_string *data, const heim_octet_string *sig)

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int hx509_verify_signature ( hx509_context  context,
const hx509_cert  signer,
const AlgorithmIdentifier *  alg,
const heim_octet_string *  data,
const heim_octet_string *  sig 

Verify a signature made using the private key of an certificate.

context A hx509 context.
signer the certificate that made the signature.
alg algorthm that was used to sign the data.
data the data that was signed.
sig the sigature to verify.
An hx509 error code, see hx509_get_error_string().

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